100 TPC, SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, Atta Galatta, Bangalore

Kamal Pruthi Arora is an actor, linguist and corporate trainer. He is the founder/artistic director of  Museum Theatre, which breaks the conventions of stage and street theatre, by presenting performances that are curated, much in the vein of a museum tour. He and his troupe have performed at Ranga Shankara and other fine venues throughout India.

Like a faithful Mistress, literature keeps seducing Abhinav away from the world of coding and analysis at Dell. You’ll often find him on long bus rides, blissfully aloof on the back seat, submerged in a sea of words. Along with an unhealthy obsession for the written word, he loves long train journeys, politics, culture, black and white photography and a mixture of the Bombay rains, cutting chai and good ol’ Pink Floyd.

Nandita believes that beauty and disparity are everywhere and some people get to focus the magnifying glass to highlight either. Poets, luckily can address both! She explores her world in words, colours and notes. Before turning to writing full time, Nandita acquired a doctorate in Aesthetics, taught at colleges, trained  corporate clients and ran her own HR consultancy. She is the author of Tread Softly, published by Rupa.

Indus Chadha is working at present on a collection of interlinked lyric essays about unusual feminisms, inherited stories, and home. She holds an AB in Women’s Studies and English Literature from Smith College and an MFA in Creative Writing from the School of the Arts at Columbia University. She believes we cannot exist or be understood without stories and spends much of her time reading and writing them.

Runa Desai Dalal is an IT consultant as well as an amateur poet/writer and actor. She is currently working on a book that would interlink poetry and prose in the form of short stories. In the past she has experimented with dance forms and poetry at the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai and is currently part of Museum Theatre.  She lives in the leafy suburb of Koramangala, Bangalore with her 4-yr old son and husband.

Tejaswini Gopalaswamy is a poet and writer from Bangalore. About how she came into poetry, she shares, “My first introduction to verse was when at 6. I demanded an extra helping of pudding and when refused, I sat in my favorite corner in my grandparents room and bawled till I had everyone’s attention. My grand-dad, a wise man, said “you won’t get your pudding if you sit here and scream. Instead use words so fine, you’ll have people listening to you in awe.” He said, ask “How about some pudding for all my do-gooding?” instead of “I want it now!!” With a chuckle I’d forgotten what I was fighting for. While he was trying to humor me, I knew then the courtship with poetry had begun.

Gowri Guruswamy is an aspiring artist from Bangalore. She is a post graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in HR and an engineer from NIT Warangal. She believes that other than her family, the friends she has made at both institutes have tremendously influenced her life. She worked as an engineer and in HR, before deciding to pursue her interests in writing and the arts. She earns money through her own small HR Consultancy firm to fund her pursuits.

Deevas Gupta is an architect by profession, but his true passion is poetry. He has been writing poetry in Hindi/Hindustani for over 10 years, drawing inspiration from nature and his own experiences. He can be found performing his work at Urban Solace or on the web at The Nazim.

Jessu John is a branding & communications professional from Bangalore, India. She writes for mainstream Indian daily ‘The Hindu’ and is also an amateur long distance runner. While writing remains her first love, she is always excited and inspired by the work of talented others in the space of photography, painting, music, dance and theatre. Caught in the perfect mood, she can even turn out a mean cake. She tweets as @JessuRJohn and blogs at forceofdreams.

Athena Kashyap’s  first book of poetry, Crossing Black Waters (2012), was a finalist in the Stephen F. Austin State University Press Award in Austin, USA, and was published by them in April 2012. Raised in Bangalore and Bombay until she was eighteen, she studied Critical Social Thought at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, USA, and completed her M.A. and M.F.A. in English and Creative Writing from University of California at Davis, and San Francisco State University respectively. Her poetry has been published in Exquisite Corpse, Sanskriti, The Fourth River, Quiddity, Spork, among other journals and has also been anthologised in US and UK publications. She currently makes her home in Bangalore where she is a mother to two girls.

Radhika Malaviya is a budding Odissi dancer, who is passionate about English literature and Biology. She will be reading poems on the environment, a cause which is very close to her heart.

Shikha Malaviya is director of  The (Great) Indian Poetry Project, an ongoing online initiative of Modern Indian Poetry. She holds degrees in Creative Writing and Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota. Her work has been featured in the24project, Drunken Boat, Water~stone Review, Switched on Gutenberg, Riding the Meridian, In Posse Review and other fine journals. Her poetry was also included in the anthology Bolo! Bolo! and is upcoming in Paint It Brown (Cognella Press). She founded Monsoon Magazine, one of the first South Asian literary magazines on the web. Her first book of poems is forthcoming in early 2013.

Deepak Menon works with Arghyam, a non profit foundation working on water and sanitation issues. He has only recently found poetry, and is kicking himself for being late. He shall read some passages from Requiem, by Anna Akmatova

Padmaja Nagarur describes herself as a lead consultant at a B2B Marketing Advisory firm, a theatre enthusiast, Bollywood loyalist, a decent cyclist and a talented artist. She is active in the Bangalore theatre scene, introducing new and different forms such as Image theatre.

Padmaja and Rajesh Pl will be using Augusto Boal’s Image Theatre (part of Theatre of the Oppressed) to explore representation of thoughts and ideas  through the universality of physical language. The key is to use the body, an individual’s most fundamental artistic tool, to develop new ways to communicate. Image theatre allows participants to explore use of nonverbal expression and sculpting their own and other participants’ bodies into static physical images that can depict anything concrete or abstract, such as a feeling, issue, or moment.

Ankur Pandey works in data science R & D. He maintains diverse interests, ranging from science/math/technology  to world cinema. He’s particularly drawn to various versions of skepticism- hoping to cut his way through the ‘isms’ that infest a better understanding of the world. Some of his writings in Hindi can be found at anantim

Mohan Pandey straddles the worlds of science, business and literature effortlessly. He is Director – Strategic R&D Operations (India) for a global bio-pharmaceutical company. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Executive Education and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. The Coporate Prophet (a fresh take on management and leadership, available on Amazon or Trulearn and Tripti (a collection of Hindi poems, out-of-print) are his published books. Yaade-Ghalib (a collection of ghazals) and The Timequake (a collection of English short stories) are in works.


Kamal Kishore Rajput is a versatile writer of Hindi and Urdu poetry, ghazals and bhajans .

Being a programmer analyst in Brocade Communications, Bangalore, Sourav Roy has more than coding and software development on his mind. He passionately writes poems in Hindi, and has authored two books of 101 poems each. He is a freelance writer and has written many articles for several newspapers, magazines and websites. You will often find him coding in his computer, reading journals, or discussing world politics and culture over endless cups of tea
Suresh Sharma is an actor with Museum Theatre. She will be reading the poems of Amrita Pritam in Punjabi.

Pramod Shenoy has been writing for the past 7 years. He even wrote a theme song for a breast cancer awareness conference. He is also a lyricist and composer. Working as a Development manager at Ariba, Pramodh plans to get into mainstream music soon to bring sanity to an otherwise fast paced IT professional life. More of  his work can be found here.  He believes that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Saurav Kumar Sinha is an L&D manager at SpringSource – VMWare.  He has been writing and orating poems for the past seven years. He has also written skits and plays performed at the national level.  He received the Gandhi fellowship for 2011-12 and has worked with NGOs such as the Kalam Foundation and KSV etc., on the Indian education system. You can visit his blogs at:  mriganksks and shabdrathi

Shreya Srinath is passionate about English Literature, especially poetry. She is an 11th grade student with a collection of poems which she hopes to publish soon. She will be reading Amends by Adrienne Rich because of its feminist themes.

Tanya Srinath was born and brought up in Bangalore, and schooled at Sri Vani group of institutions. She is presently pursuing her Bachelor of Engineering  at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, specialising in Civil Engineering. Her poetic inspirations include the sea, rain, her dog Simba, animals, children, and many, many unsuspecting people. Her hobbies include carnatic music, craftwork, hiking, adventure sports and cooking fantastic vegetarian food. She loves reading poetry by Emily Dickinson, John Keats and Lewis Carroll.

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